Damn Good! Brand


Hugo award winner Joshua Viola (no relation) tasked me to help him envision a 'cyber punk' inspired logo for his new anthology series "Cyber World". What I created was a combination of both computer type and hand drawn lettering, a very common trend of 80s and early 90s "vaporwave".


About Cyber World:

Cybernetics. Neuroscience. Nanotechnology. Genetic engineering. Hacktivism. Transhumanism. The world of tomorrow is already here, and the technological changes we all face have inspired a new wave of stories to address our fears, hopes, dreams, and desires as Homo sapiens evolve—or not—into their next incarnation. Cyber World presents diverse tales of humanity’s tomorrow, as told by some of today’s most gripping science fiction visionaries.

Edited by Hugo Award winner Jason Heller and Joshua Viola.