Damn Good! Brand


My logo is a corgi because I have one and he's really smart, so I was like 'that works'.




The Thinking Behind The Name

Damn Good Brand isn't about big name chasing, or winning accolades. I didn't start working freelance full-time because I thought I could do things better on my own. I didn't start doing this because I "don't play well with others" (in fact the opposite is true). In truth, the real reason I work freelance is because I want to work with the people who can benefit from my talents the most, and in making myself available as a "gun-for-hire" I'm able to lend myself to more diverse and creative projects than ever before.

I'm not out to change the world. I don't have an "outside-of-the-box" approach to doing business. I'm not a revolutionary. What I am, however, is out to do the best damn work I can for my clients, and help them achieve brand success through my honest blood, sweat and tears. I put 100% of myself into the projects I work on, and I am damn proud of everything I present to my clients.